Message of CEO

World economy is going through very challenging times; we are standing on the threshold of a fundamental change in the structure of global industry and consumption. International capital markets environment becomes tougher and investors become more selective. We consider it either as a challenge, or also time of new opportunities and realize that it's crucial to go in pace with today's trends, to foresee these curves. That is why we stick to a very selective philosophy of choosing projects. At the same time we live in the age of globalization and huge streams of information. It is easy to get lost and to miss new tendencies and chances. That is where we can use our global expertise and help your business to optimize costs and utilize opportunities of numerous regions and jurisdictions all over the world. We are keen on setting very ambitious objectives and are convinced that nothing is impossible if you lay special emphasis on professionalism, transparency, decency and culture of doing business.

We look forward to cooperation with the companies showing sympathy to our vision.

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